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Explain the change, the difference between

what you want and what you need

True Neutral Elf Ranger Cleric
17 November 1973
'74-'75, (a)bort(r)etry(f)ail?, 17 november, 1984, 24, 9th ward, a clockwork orange, abandoned buildings, abita amber, accents, accomplishing the impossible, activism, aesthetics, agents, airplanes, airports, alex delaware, alex krycek, allen ginsberg, alternative timelines, androgyny, anyone but bush 2004, artificial intelligence, astrology, at the still point, aviation, awful awfuls, batmud, blade runner, bleeding heart liberals, breaking laws of physics, brian eno, buddhism, camel filters, canon ae-1, cats, celtic music, changing the world, cheap whiskey dialogue, chuck taylors, cia, coca cola, coincidence, conspiracy theories, cyberpunk, damien rice, daniel c. dennett, deep midnight blue, doberman pinschers, doing something about it, dystopia, elvis costello, epistemology, ethnomusicology, exterminate all rational thought, fbi, fight club, finding an adventure, finding what's lost, fox mulder, frank norris, godawful puns, growth, hacking the planet, harsh realm, infocom games, insomnia, intp, jack kerouac, james bond, jazz, john fahey, john j. nance, kajun's pub, kalifornia, language poetry, learning, leo kottke, linguistics, logic, loreena mckennitt, macintosh, mars, mbti, memeing out lj interests, memetics, mercury, monty python, naturalistic fiction, new orleans, night flights, not taking sides, old school lj support, once a thief, origami, osborne 01, paisley pop, parallel universes, pat's pizza, post-apocalyptic fiction, red beans and rice, red sox, regional dialects, regional slang, robert johnson, robert m. pirsig, role playing games, sailing, secret agents, serial killers, shadowrun, skamper, skinny puppy, slow afternoon light, solitude, stephen king, stimming, stray cats, subverting the dominant paradigm, sushi, synchronicity, talking to strangers, teaching, text messaging during meetings, the agency, the jazz of raindrops, the matrix, the ocean, the random, theoretical physics, thunderstorms, time travel, tom clancy, toronto, trees, truth, twin peaks, typewriters, used bookstores, watching the movie first, water, weird science, william gibson, william s. burroughs, wind, world war ii, writing, x-files, zork,